Wednesday, June 1, 2011

BlackBelt Camp 2011.....!'s been a hard time for the senior students to pursue the objective's of the Black-belt Qualification.,Our Renshi had Excellent & Logistic plans according to his taste of karate...We,The students had both traditional & modern methods of conditioning & testing of body,mind and spirit..!!

1. One month intensive training (ie) 3 hours a day which allowed us to improve our form & quickly revise the syllabi's.

2.The Ultimate 3 day final camp which consist of 20 Km jog & 1500 + reps of Exercises and the final syllabus & style testing.

Kuro obi (Black Belt) though not an end but an gateway to karate was at least a log term dream for many of our practitioners.

Based on the experience,dedication,discipline & self control of the students 9 of them were selected to perform a seamless performance in the maiden black-belt camp by Our Renshi.

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